Valencia Grove Housing Community

The project consisted of the development of a large affordable housing community to revitalize the existing facility that was built 70 years ago.  This new development was a three phase project where the first phase consisted of demolishing 62 of the 115 units to make way for 85 new affordable multi-level housing units, utilizing an innovative modular construction format to substantially accelerate the construction schedule.  Upon completion of all three phases, the new community more than doubled in magnitude of housing, upgrading from 115 units to 228 units (430 residents to 940 residents)  with three parks/playground areas, overhead to undergoing electrical conversions,  new utilities, new landscaping, irrigation and a community center with a swimming pool.  In addition, the project includes off-site street improvements, including road widening, curb, sidewalk, asphalt, lighting and street trees.  With the implementation of a building material recycling program and rooftop photovoltaic panels, energy conservation also played a vital role to the final product.