SCE Dexus Photovoltaic Panel Installation

Dexus is one of, if not the largest, single-roof mounted solar installations in the world.  Perera Construction installed 33,280 Sunpower modules equating to 10.15 MW AC power output as well as all of the supporting equipment necessary to interconnect the installation to Southern California Edison’s power grid.  

Work included installing Sunpower modules, wiring to combiner boxes, wiring (over 75 miles) of DC power to inverters at various enclosure locations, and wiring 12 KV AC power to switchgear and transformer for distribution back to SCE’s power grid. Roof square footage was 1,686,590 sq. ft. (which equates to 38.7 acres). This area would facilitate the installation of 29.3 football fields, including the end zones. Work also involved constructing three equipment enclosures to house all the various electrical components. Masonry enclosure was plastered with reveals to match existing building. EIFS conduit chase were also constructed.